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Our Mission:
  • To promote the mission of Academic International Medicine (AIM) professionals in the United States and beyond
  • To promote clinical, educational and scientific collaboration of AIM professionals, both domestically and globally
  • To create a platform for domestic and global coordination of academic, clinical and educational efforts involving AIM professionals
  • To educate, generate and publish new knowledge, create relevant guidelines, and assist policymaking in the area of international medicine
  • To standardize processes and objective measurements of academic and clinical productivity associated with the participation of U.S. AIM professionals in international endeavors
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President’s Message
As the President and co-founder of the American College of Academic International Medicine (ACAIM), I would like to write to you about one of the most important investments into your career in Academic International Medicine (AIM).  We started this organization to provide an international collaborative voice for you—The Clinician. ACAIM has the hope and energy to provide both clinical opportunities and academic scholarship as you transform your AIM passion into a career.  Here’s a few reasons why I love ACAIM:

First, we are a diverse and energetic family of all specialties of medicine.  We have combined resources and expertise to help clinicians advance their access to clinical opportunities and academic scholarship.  Imagine working clinically with invested international colleagues to care for patients or academically on consensus peer-reviewed position papers that will better the lives of our international communities.

Second, we have members who have ascended to leadership positions internationally, nationally and within institutions.  This allows our members unique access to wisdom from thought leaders, resources from a large collective, and the power to influence positive change and collaboration within AIM.  Consider your attempts to maximize the trajectory of AIM at your institution. ACAIM can assist your efforts by providing a platform to amplify your message, validating your work through scholarship, and offering mentorship to advance your career.

Third, ACAIM promotes the viewpoint that AIM matters.  We live in an interconnected global society, and ACAIM advocates for (1) our patients who cannot speak for themselves, (2) our learners who desire to make a difference, and (3) our members who dream of making AIM a reality.

Our goals for the 2019 Academic International Medicine (AIM) World Congress revolve around 5 pillars: 1. Enhancing Global Leadership Skills; 2. Promoting Health Equity; 3. Developing Educational Resources & Capacity; 4. Advancing Clinical Medicine Internationally; and 5. Preparing Medical Students & Residents for a Career In AIM.

On behalf of the leadership of ACAIM, I look forward to having you join our family.  Your contributions can help shape the landscape of Academic International Medicine. Thank you for your time, commitment and resolve.

Sincerely and respectfully,
Manish Garg, MD FAIM
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